Leadership - inter department collaboration

For a large organization it is common to have many departments. But the problem arises when the departments work in silos. Some organizations are even facing issues because of the employees mentality or interest. Employees ascertain their interest first, then their department's and lastly organization.

Although departments strive for excellence internally they don't work in collaboration with other departments. Organizations have some departments which are not as effectively working as they are desired to be. If the leader constantly complaints about it, the employees will also take on the same attitude. And, the mentality of the employees will become as mentioned in the first para.

Successful leaders know that the entire organization should win and the efforts would be towards it by collaboration with other departments.

Keep engagement with other departments and strive for entire organization to win instead of bringing excellence in one department only. The attitude of leader directly affects the employees, hence check your attitude towards other departments.

No Error Tolerance bosses

There are bosses with mentality of their team should make no mistake. No tolerance for an error. This kind of mentality will lead their team to avoid risks and think in innovative ways. Team will just try to follow the paths which has guaranteed success and kills creativity.

The funda is error should be allowed unless it is ethically wrong. Teams learn more through trying than following the traditional success path. Teams should not be scared to bring new and innovative ideas of doing work or achieve targets. Although, unethical ways should not be allowed at the same time.

Easiest & Quick to Install Magento 2

Are you use to install Magento 2 software frequently in local environment to develop/test integrations and extensions? Are you tired of installing Magento 2 software frequently and interactions required in the web installer?

Magento 2 provides command line installation tool which takes all parameters at once and installs Magento 2 software without any further intervention of user. Sounds cool! So, below is the command to install Magento 2 software quickly and easily.

php bin\magento setup:install --base-url= --db-host=YOUR_DB_HOST --db-name=YOUR_DB_NAME --db-user=YOUR_DB_USER --db-password=YOUR_DB_PASSWORD --admin-firstname=YOUR_ADMIN_FIRST_NAME --admin-lastname=YOUR_ADMIN_LAST_NAME --admin-email=YOUR_ADMIN_EMAIL --admin-user=YOUR_ADMIN_USERNAME --admin-password=YOUR_ADMIN_PASSWORD --language=en_US --currency=USD --timezone=America/Chicago --cleanup-database --sales-order-increment-prefix="ORD$" --session-save=files --use-rewrites=1 --use-sample-data

Replace the parameter values with your environment values and run the command in the directory where Magento 2 installation files reside.

Tier Price - Strange Results - Magento

I tried to print tier price of all of the products in Magento. I formed a product collection and iterated through it to print the tier price using below statement.


It looks working.
But to my surprise, it failed for some products. However, there is no common among the product information which either failed or succeeded.
My store had two websites configured and I settled different tier price per website.
It was giving perfect result for some products and at the same time failed for many products with no obvious reason.

Then, I tried $product->getData('tier_price') which gave the perfect result. I was working in the 'adminhtml' area. Although, setting the website Id or store Id didn't make any change.

So, my quick suggestion for those who are facing issues with tier price in Magento, try $product->getData('tier_price')