Tier Price - Strange Results - Magento

I tried to print tier price of all of the products in Magento. I formed a product collection and iterated through it to print the tier price using below statement.


It looks working.
But to my surprise, it failed for some products. However, there is no common among the product information which either failed or succeeded.
My store had two websites configured and I settled different tier price per website.
It was giving perfect result for some products and at the same time failed for many products with no obvious reason.

Then, I tried $product->getData('tier_price') which gave the perfect result. I was working in the 'adminhtml' area. Although, setting the website Id or store Id didn't make any change.

So, my quick suggestion for those who are facing issues with tier price in Magento, try $product->getData('tier_price')

Why Magento 2 extensions are priced too high

Magento 2 is a new technology stack which can withstand to the new technology trends in web development. The use of cutting edge stack enables the Magento 2 software even more flexible, adaptable and scalable.

Magento 2 was announced to be “stable” during late 2015. However, it was full of bugs and incurred development cost. Then, Magento 2 has started releasing in two channels – 2.0.x and 2.1.x and there are very less chances of a module which was developed for 2.0.x work in 2.1.x. So, the development companies had to put extra efforts in development and testing for each channel and since Magento introduces many changes from version to version the extensions need to be maintained at high cost.

The development companies constantly tries to improve their product. But they have to pass through a long process of approval if they are selling it on marketplace of Magento. If in between some customer purchases the extension, the possibility of support will be there if any needed corrections are identified after getting the extension live.

Putting all the above together, the development companies are spending a lot of efforts in developing and maintaining the extensions and as a consequence the cost of the extensions rise.

Elastic Search shows old version

So, you have upgraded/downgraded your elasticsearch in Ubuntu os and now when you check
curl -X get http://localhost:9200
it shows old version instead of the expected version of elastic search. The interesting thing is your elasticsearch service is not running and the package is not installed either.

Find out the java process id by running top and kill it. Say your java process id is 2250, then you should run below command.
kill 2250
Make sure you kill all of your java processes.
Reinstall elastic search now.

Setup version for module is not specified – Magento 2

So, you have uploaded/installed/created a new module in Magento 2.x and when access a page after cleaning cache, it shows error: Setup version for module ‘Module’ is not specified.
You open up the module.xml file of your module and to your surprise the setup version is already specified in the config.
So, what makes this error to come out?

Another surprise for you, the error is related to the file system permission. As soon as you update the file system permission by running below command in your Magento 2 installation directory the error will disappear.
find . -type d -exec chmod 770 {} \; && find . -type f -exec chmod 660 {} \; && chmod u+x bin/magento