Magento - Index Management shows the 'Category Flat Data' as processing all the time

Dear Magento administrators/programmers, you may be stuck in a problem with index management of magento very often.
The problem synopsis is the 'Category Flat Data' index shows "Processing" all the time even after re-indexing many times.

There are many causes for this issue.
One simple solution is to truncate table `catalog_category_flat_store_1`.

If it wasn't work then enable "log" from magento's backend configuration. Check debug message in /var/log/exception.log file. If it says anything relevant to permission to database user then from your cPanel or web host manager grant the appropriate permissions to the database user. This is all you needed to do and hoorray, you got the rid of the messages "Some problem with reindexing process".

Another thing that might be the table being locked. To get rid of it empty the /var/locks folder.