Magento - Attribute groups (product tabs) missing on product add/edit page

Problem Symptoms:
In Magento admin panel, the product add/edit page do not show all the tabs, i.e. Attribute groups (product tabs) missing on product add/edit page. The tabs which are missing are, actually, there in the corresponding attribute set as attribute groups.

Browse your Magento database and look into the eav_entity_type table and find out the entity_type_id for catalog_product entity_type_code. (It may be 4 or 10)
Create database backup.
Open up query editor, generally PhpMyAdmin and run below query.
Replace the entity_type_id value in the query with the one which you got from eav_entity_type table. Also, change the table name eav_entity_type if you have table prefix.

UPDATE eav_entity_type SET additional_attribute_table = 'catalog/eav_attribute',
entity_attribute_collection = 'catalog/product_attribute_collection' WHERE entity_type_id = YOUR_ENTITY_TYPE_ID_VALUE;