Magento - Products are not showing up in frontend

Below are the basic things to check when your products are not showing up in frontend

  • Are the products Enabled?
Set "Status" of the product "Enabled"
  • Are the products Visible?
If the product can be sale individually, set it's "Visibility" attribute to "Catalog" OR "Catalog, Search"
  • Are the products In Stock?
Set "Stock Availability" of the product "In Stock"
  • Is Product in sufficient quantity to sell?
Set "Quantity" of the product to some integer greater than 0
  • Are any associated products in stock?
If the product is of type complex, like a bundled or configurable product, at least one of the associated products that comprise it must be in stock and enabled 
  • Are the products in the desired category?
  • Are your Caches and Indices out of date?
Access System -> Cache Management and System -> Index Management menus. Re-index all the indices and Refresh all the caches.