Sort By Ratings on Product Listing of Magento

Ever wondered what does your customers do to find the best and product from your catalog containing hundreds or thousands of products. 
Well, as a customer purchasing online rely more on the recommendations of other customers. 
Magento provides reviews and ratings module out of the box. Your customers can leave reviews and ratings for the products based on different criteria. These reviews can be useful to you for making the product as per the customer's expectations.
But, by publishing the reviews and ratings also helps the other customers  also to decide the purchase. When there are multiple similar kind of products in your catalog, the ratings will be even more important and useful for the customers.
Magento provides flexibility to sort the products by different attributes, however, sorting by ratings is missing.
Along with full use of review and ratings module, you should consider providing sorting by ratings and rich snippets of reviews.

If you are running your store on the Magento version 1, following product sorting extension for Magento 1 can be useful which is affordable from price point of view.
For the merchants who are running their store on Magento 2 platform, the product sorting extension is available here.

PHP SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed

When PHP client fails to handshake with the server using provided certificate files, it throws error SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed.

There could be invalid certificate files which is causing the handshake failed. So, you should check the correctness of the provided certificate file. Here is how to check if the provided certificate files are valid.

But, a common cause to the error is at the PHP client side. You may try below SSL Options to make connection when you receive 'certificate verify failed' error.

$ssl_options = [
                 'cafile' => '/path/to/cacert.pem',
                 'local_cert' => '/path/to/key-cert.pem',
                 'verify_peer' => false,
                 'verify_peer_name' => false,

PS: In PHP, you should pass the concatenated key.pem and cert.pem files.

Check if Self-Signed Certificate Files are Valid

How to check if the generated self-signed certificate files are correct/valid and
make sure that the client and server are handshaking using the provided certificate files using openssl in command line.

In one terminal run below command to start server and listen to 8443 port.
openssl s_server -accept 8443 -cert /path/to/server/cert.pem -key /path/to/server/key.pem -CAfile /path/to/server/ca/cacert.pem

And, in another terminal run below command to make connection to the server running on first terminal.
openssl s_client -connect YOUR_SERVER_ADDRESS:8443 -key /path/to/client/key.pem -CAfile /path/to/client/key-cert.pem

If the client is able to connect and doesn't return back to prompt due to timeout or any other error, your connection is successful and your generated certificates are in order.

The CAfile used for client is the concatenated file of key and cert files. You can generate it by running following command.
cat key.pem cert.pem > key-cert.pem

Sort By Discount for Magento Product Listing

So, you have just launched your cool webshop using the powerful Magento platform version 2.x. And now you want to attract customers by raining discounts to your new webstore running on Magento platform. 

Price of some products may be slashed using Magento's out of the box powerful features - Catalog price rules or special prices.

What if your customers see the heavily discounted products scattered on the listing/category page. 

What if your customers want to know which product in particular category or search result is offering the highest discount.

For making your customers feel cool, the sorting option to products by 'Heavily Discounted' is must. So, how can you offer this sorting option to your customers easily and quickly on the webshop running on the powerful Magento platform.

Well, there is an extension which offers this feature along with many other useful sorting options from customers' perspective.
If your store is running on Magento 2 platform, download the Product Sorting extension for Magento 2 and offer your customers the cool sorting options in no time to increase the conversion rate by putting the sought product ahead on category or search results pages.

Direct links to download the Sorting by New products, Popular products, Best seller products, top-rated products and most reviewed products for Magento software are below.