Google Rich Snippets - Nicely displayed Google Search results

As a webmaster, you have a unique understanding of your web pages and the content they represent. Google helps users find your page by showing them a small sample of that content -- the "snippet." We use a variety of techniques to create these snippets and give users relevant information about what they'll find when they click through to visit your site. Today, we're announcing Rich Snippets, a new presentation of snippets that applies Google's algorithms to highlight structured data embedded in web pages.

Rich Snippets give users convenient summary information about their search results at a glance. We are currently supporting data about reviews and people. When searching for a product or service, users can easily see reviews and ratings, and when searching for a person, they'll get help distinguishing between people with the same name. It's a simple change to the display of search results, yet our experiments have shown that users find the new data valuable -- if they see useful and relevant information from the page, they are more likely to click through. Now we're beginning the process of opening up this successful experiment so that more websites can participate. As a webmaster, you can help by annotating your pages with structured data in a standard format.

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Using Google rich snippets in Magento.

Google rich snippets mark ups can be used in Magento while developing a theme. But those stores which have already theme running, it is very tedious to edit theme template files again.
There is a Magento extension for Google rich snippets which makes it simple to use Google rich snippets markup in Magento. 

The Magento-connect extension  URL is:

The Magento extension for Google rich snippets can be purchased from Google Rich Snippets in Magento.
It is easy to install with no development or programming knowledge.