PHP 7.0.0 - php_intl extension is missing even though enabled in php.ini

Normally the extensions are easy to install and enable in PHP but a few are dependent on other libraries. php_intl is also dependent on other files. To enable php_intl extension in PHP 7.0.x, follow below steps

1) Remove semicolon from the line started with extension=php_intl.dll in your php.ini file.
;extension=php_intl.dll shoudl be changed to
Assuming that you already have php_intl.dll in your PHP extension_dir directory.

2) Look for ic***56.dll files in the PHP 7 installation directory.

3) Copy all the ic***56.dll files from PHP 7 installation directory to apache2/bin directory. The intention is to put those files in the directory where system can find it.

4) Restart Apache service and check phpinfo.