Stopped after Upgrading to Windows 10 - Apache, Nginx, Web server, Wamp, XAMPP, Wampstack

So, you are also one of them who have recently upgraded to Window 10 and enjoying the next generation OS.

But the excitement didn’t last long as soon as you found that your web server has stopped working. Whatever application you might be using Wamp, Wampstack, XAMPP, Wnmp, LAMP, LEMP or Isolated installation of Apache / Nginx. It was stuck. And you also know that it is port 80 which is used by a web server is now being used by some other application. You might be wondering if it’s Skype which also listens to port 80 interrupted you web server and your web server (wamp, wampstack, XAMPP, Apache, Nginx) stopped. But it is also not the case.

Windows 10 comes with an automatically enabled service namely ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service’. ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service’ listens to port 80 and starts automatically. As port 80 is already occupied by ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service’, your Wamp, Wampstack, XAMPP, Apache, Nginx stopped starting.

You can stop the service as well as change its settings to start manually only. Go to services (type ‘services’ in Cortana or run box to find quickly) and stop the service ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service’ and voila your Wamp, Wampstack, XAMPP, Apache, Nginx have now started working. To avoid stopping the service with every boot up, you may also change the settings to Manually start it.